About us

Easyfix is a modern day gadget repair, technical support and sales company. We are passionate about reliability and we always look forward to reducing the cycle time it takes to either repair, install, support or buy a gadget. The desire to put smiles on the faces of our customers has been our drive for the past decade in business. We are also driven by our core values; reliability, excellence, speed and teamwork. We offer top-notch services in home pick-up and delivery gadget repairs, gadget sales and training of technicians.

Our Services:
  • Gadget repairs and sales
  • Training of technicians
  • Pickup and delivery services
  • Wholesale and retail supply of spare parts
  • Technical support for corporate organisations
  • Repair Financing.
  • Consultation

Our Team

Arinze Adirika
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Arinze Adirikia is the Chief Executive Officer and Owner, Easyfix Tech and Projects. In this role, Arinze is responsible for the company’s expansion and revenue growth.

Arinze started Annix in 2017 which later became Easyfix with a mission to see that quality phone repair and services are easily accessible and reliable for phone users across Africa. Since starting the company, Arinze has seen the company grow to over 20 in-house staffs and 2 offices.

Arinze studied Mechanical Engineering and the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and resides in Lagos with his family.

Ada Onongaya
Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder

Ada Onongaya is the Head of Operations, Easyfix Tech and Projects. In this role, Ada is responsible for logistics and customer service to internal operations and commercial projects.

With over 6 years of experience working at top tech outfits, Ada joined Easyfix in 2019.

Ada has a B.A in English Language. She Lives in Lagos and enjoys writing and reading.

Nnaemeka Ugwu
Head of Design and Marketing

Nnaemeka Ugwu is the Head of Design at Easyfix Tech and Projects. In this role, Nnaemeka is responsible for managing the brand, visuals and creative endeavours of Easyfix. Nnaemeka is tasked with the role to build a cohesive vision for the entire business, whilst ensuring that the design team maintains and evolves this brand as the business progresses.

Nnaemeka is also focused on creating and developing marketing strategy for easyfix.

Nnaemeka has a B.A in Art History and enjoys playing Tennis.

Board of Directors

Bond Abbe
Account Manager, Ericsson Nigeria

Abbe is a Business Development Expert with extensive experience and expertise in both Oil and Gas industry and Telecoms industry.

Abbe is currently the Account Manager Industry and Government West Africa. As the Head of the West African Technology and Solutions team and thereby ensuring that the unit is properly supported and managed to fulfill its role. Abbe has led the team / unit according to the Ericsson Leadership Framework. And at the moment, has sales funnels with orders booked to the tune of $100 Million Dollars.

Abbe is a graduate of the University of Dundee with an M.B.A in Oil and Gas management and lives in Nigeria with his family.